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Hi.  My name is Kristen Paulin.

You and I are a lot alike.   We both love what we do and are making it our career.  But you’re stressed out about so many things, and photography is just one of them.  Well I’ve been there.  But I’m here to help you.

Finding Freedom
I was lucky to grow up in a household where my dad worked from home.  He ran an architecture firm out of the house I grew up in.   He taught us to take pride in what we do, like the home office I helped him build as a 7-year-old.  Watching him, I learned that it takes a lot to run your own business, including hard work, perseverance, etc.  But the thing that stood out most is he told me “there’s nothing better than being your own boss.” I believe him and so I’ve set out to make my career not only as a photographer, but as an entrepreneur.  Because when you’re your own boss, you’re free.

Getting Inspired
From the moment I flipped through an old copy of my dad’s architecture magazines, I was drawn to photography.  I saw photos of interiors that piqued my interest. I felt compelled to visit these spaces.  Have you ever turned a corner and stumbled upon a beautiful view that made your jaw drop? That’s what I felt every time I turned a page of that magazine. And I wanted to take photos of my own that moved people. So I went to photo school, graduated, and worked a variety of full and part-time jobs.  But I was still always working for somebody else. I decided it was time to take my dad’s advice.

Let’s Chat
Today I work with design entrepreneurs who enjoy getting collaborative, like to have fun while doing it, and value displaying their work.  I provide guidance and expertise to help clients showcase their work in the best light possible (sorry for the pun!) to inspire their own new & returning clients.

If you’re looking to increase the visual impact of your site, we should chat.

I look forward to working with you.


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